Divorce and Family Law
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Separation Agreements & Legal Services in Syracuse, New York

Bombardo Law Office, P.C., of Syracuse, New York, offers expert assistance with separation agreements and other legal services. Because we understand that divorce and family matters are difficult, we offer compassionate representation. That includes providing you with direct access to Mr. Bombardo. To schedule an appointment, contact us now.
Divorce and Family Law
Whether you are a husband or wife, or father or mother, you have rights in divorce and family matters. Give yourself solid footing for your legal matter with representation from divorce and family law attorney Richard J. Bombardo. Call him now to protect your rights in matters that include:
Courthouse, Legal Services in Syracuse, NY
• Annulments
• Asset Protection
• Contempts
• Child-Centered Divorce Mediation
• Child Custody and Visitation
• Child Support
• Cohabitation Agreements
• Divorce
• Domestic Partnership Dissolutions
• Domestic Violence
• Equitable Distribution
• Foster Care
• Garnishments
• Grandparents' Rights
• Guardianships
• International Custody Issues
• International Matters
• Interstate Matters
• Mediation
• Military Divorces
• Modifications
• Name Changes
• No Court Divorces
• Parenting Plans/Agreements
• Paternity
• Prenuptial Agreements
• Powers of Attorney
• Protection/Restraining Orders
• Separation Agreements
• Spousal Support
• Uncontested Divorces
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